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Forsvarets Havmiljøvogter

Today I got a small package from the Danish defence command I’d like to talk about. We are probably all aware of the situation in our oceans and the tremendous amount of trash they are contaminated with. Recent media coverage is strong with projects of young engineers to tackle the pollution, divers who dive through thick patches of plastic and beaches who are covered in trash and I think it is very important to use this momentum and turn it into action.

Last week then I heard about a Danish project initiated by a divison of the Danish defence command to get the public involved with the goal of keeping the beaches clean and to report any kind of misbehaviour of commercial vessels in the Danish sea territory like throwing trash overboard or spilling/leaking oil. By involving the public they’ve created a community which takes responsibility and creates awareness among beach goers and other people who enjoy the coast and water. The marine environment patrol.

Now I am a member, too. I wasn’t careless with the ocean or beach before but I think beeing part of something, of a community who cares, is a viable option to keep up the motivation and be able to reach more people rather than just being an ego-trip to show how great I am by not bury the empty beer cans at the beach.

Anyway, the package! It contains a flag for your boat, kayak or other kind of leisure craft, two rolls of trash bags, a pencil which when used up can be put in the ground and become a nice little plant, soe info material, a sticker and a member card to get more trash bags for free at hundreds of places in Denmark. For free!

Next time I am walking the beach, I know what I’ll carry with me.

Becoming a member

If you are interested and live in the vicinity of Danish waters, you can easily sign up yourself and the best part is that it is totally free of charge! There are already 19.000 Havmiljøvogter (marine environment patrol) out there and the community is growing. It doesn’t matter if you are a skipper, rower, surfer or just someone who favours clean beaches and oceans, everyone can join. They even have members in Germany and Sweden.

But feel free to check it out for yourself, the website is available in english and danish.




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