About Me

Hello there, stranger! Did you land here by accident or could it really be that some people have mild to moderate interest to know a little more about me, Serenity, Wilson or the Blog? Well, then you shall have it all! Feel free to pick and peruse to your liking!

That's me

Hey there, I’m Marco, a former office jock turned nomad trying to find myself while roaming the Earth. Having lived a fairly unremarkable life in line with societal expectations for the better part of my life, I decided one day to just leave it all behind and shed off some of the ever growing weight on my shoulders. I am 37 now and two years into my journey and I love it.

Professionally my past was pretty straight forward and for most of the time I was working in various positions for a pharmaceutical company in Germany and Denmark. My tasks included portfolio management, product and market research as well as data analytics. Nowadays however I do whatever I can do as a freelancer. Writing, translation, graphic design, painting, website building, consulting, drop shipping, market research, you name it, I’ll do it. Always just enough to keep me going.

But I’m not gonna lie, it has not always been easy and that’s probably because I still have to figure out who I want to be. Quitting your job and leaving my old life behind was just the right thing to do as I could not survive that lifestyle anylonger. However, that does not mean I have all the tools and ideas ready to live a new life I knew nothing about. What I do know is that it was the right descision and that I am in the right place in my life, now it’s just a matter of taking one step at a time and see how it all unfolds.

That's Serenity

Serenity is a french Jeanneau Fantasia 27. Built in 1985 somewhere in La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, she was one of the most popular boat designs in the mid 80s. With outstanding and spacious open plan design, this little 8m long boat feels like a big one once you crawled inside. Serenity is not a typical off-shore and cruising yacht but also not just a weekender or day cruiser.

The core might be a mass product, but the design also allows safe passage of the trecherous french atlantic coast. To become a liveaboard and cruising boat however I had to do quite some modifications regarding autonomy on the water and safety. Diesel-Heater, oven, fridge, more batteries, AIS, radar, Wind Generator, solar panels, davits and whatnot. After an extensive refit however, it feels great to live aboard Serenity. It’s my fourth year living in this small space and my second year on the road and what can I say, she has not let me down so far. Serenity mastered the baltic sea, north sea, crazy currents in France and crossed the bay of Biscay in 5 days without complaints. Together, we’ll see many more places!

That's Wilson

Wilson likes to play at the beach. Wilson also likes to listen to Podcasts and enjoys a ride in the Cockpit, nested in a pile of rope. Wilson never complains but also never does what he is told to do. Sometimes I have to rescue Wilson, he is not the fastest and when the tide closes in on him and tries to take him away, I have to be quick. But oh silly Wilson, what would I do without you? 

That's Blog

Or the Blog, or my Blog… eh. I started this Blog for reasons largely unknown back in 2018 when I began to prepare for my grand voyage into a new chapter. I thought a social media presence also requires a blog to fill but somehow this blog became largely neglected and very rarely filled with any kind of content. I think it was the approach that made it more feel like a chore to fill it with content.

This will change from now on as I have figured out that the blog should be a place to express myself rather than trying to find the most interesting and valuable content for potential readers. The latter has to come natural and my mistake was to drown every idea and urge to write in endless self aware thoughts, that no one cares, that it’s not interesting enough, that I should refrain from sharing feelings, and so nothing ever got written. But challenging this behaviour, being more open and vulnerable, is part of my adventure. It’s not just about the pretty pictures and places, it’s also about mindfulness, challenging and learning about myself. And that’s what you’ll find here. Maybe it’s inspirational, maybe it’s lighthearted and gives you some chuckles, maybe it’s nothing of the sort…. who knows? I just know I’ll keep writing.