Welcome aboard fellow traveller! This blog follows the journey of a lone sailor on a quest to explore the world aboard the tiny sailing vessel Serenity, meet like minded people and live free of social conventions. Feel free to get inspired by following my journey here or on social media or by browsing my shop of handmade paintings and craft items.

The Journey of S/V Serenity

Follow a journey about the pursuit of happiness and breaking free from the shackles of social conventions.

Arts & Crafts from aboard Serenity

If you want to support my journey or crave for some handmade art and paintings made aboard Serenity please have a look inside


A Month in Galicia

The unusual and fascinating north of Spain It has been a month since I arrived in the Ria de Viveiro and I feel no desire to leave just yet. It…

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More Content, Vlogs and Giveaways Dear friends and followers, Today I want to share a new way of supporting my project in a way that can benefit you as well!…

New Podcast Episode!

[German only] Au revoir Lockdown! Hi Guys! I was again a guest on the FitForFuture Podcast, and now it’s storytime! While we had the last episodes recorded during lockdown times…
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Customized Post Cards

Hand painted unique wooden post cards with your motive, for you!


Seascape Post Cards

Handpainted unique wooden post cards for you

“Shipwreck Beach” 27x19cm

Unique and painting created aboard S/V Serenity.