Welcome aboard fellow traveller! This blog follows the journey of a lone sailor on a quest to explore the world aboard the tiny sailing vessel Serenity, meet like minded people and live free of social conventions. Feel free to get inspired by following my journey here or on social media.

The Journey of S/V Serenity

Follow a journey about the pursuit of happiness and breaking free from the shackles of social conventions.

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Back To Sailing

After over a year living in the marina of Viveiro, I re-discovered that my home can move and yesterday, I took it out for a spin to a nearby anchorage.…

Preparing To Leave

What do you have to do when you want to go sailing? Start the engine, cast the lines and off you go! As a liveaboard boat that has not sailed…

The Daily Nomad Life – Tiny Spaces

Come along, come along with me, come along now, come along and you’ll see, what it’s like to be free… whilst living in a tiny space that is. This would…
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