Welcome aboard fellow traveller! This blog follows the journey of a lone sailor on a quest to explore the world aboard the tiny sailing vessel Serenity, meet like minded people and live free of social conventions. Feel free to get inspired by following my journey here or on social media or by browsing my shop of handmade paintings and craft items.

The Journey of S/V Serenity

Follow a journey about the pursuit of happiness and breaking free from the shackles of social conventions.

Arts & Crafts from aboard Serenity

If you want to support my journey or crave for some handmade art and paintings made aboard Serenity please have a look inside


Departure ahead!

Something ends, something begins It did not happen often in the past that I pursued any long term plans that led to something substantial in my life, so one day…

New LiveTrack feature

Follow S/V Serenity Hi folks! In preparation of my upcoming departure in July 2020, I have implemented a new page to the website, accessible by clicking on “Live Track” in…

Zu Gast im 3F Podcast

[Only relevant for German speakers] Hallo zusammen! Jetzt wo bis zum Start meiner Reise nur noch wenige Monate vergehen und ich hier langsam meine Zelte in Dänemark abbreche, hatte ich…
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Customized Post Cards

Hand painted unique wooden post cards with your motive, for you!

“Crimson Sea” 18x24cm

Unique and painting created aboard S/V Serenity.

Serenity Travel Box – France

Hand selected items from France in a beautiful gift box

“Misty Creek” 33x24cm

Unique and painting created aboard S/V Serenity.