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Dear friends and followers,

Today I want to share a new way of supporting my project in a way that can benefit you as well! Patreon is a web portal that connects supporters and creators in a special way by allowing the supporters to receive exclusive content and create a direct connection with creators in exchange for a monthly pledge.

There is no obligation and you can cancel your subscription at any time with immediate effect but if you do consider joining, you can benefit from some or all of the things mentioned below


  • Weekly Vlogs exclusive for patrons
  • Digital Downloads like essays and travel guides
  • Digital Nomad consulting, sharing experience by personal calls/chats
  • Free or discounted hand painted post cards sent to you (
  • Free or discounted Gift Box incl. 2 Whiskey tumblers and 4 Whiskey stones
  • Participation and votes in matters of content.

Feel free to check out the link below or get on the Patreon page by clicking the button on the front page in the support section. But do not feel obliged, I will at the same time release much more content on all other channels for you to follow my journey and get useful information out of it, for free of course!

Patreon page:

Thank you very much for your kind consideration,



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